One such myth is 'Job search during a recession is a waste of time'. But in reality, jobs still exist, no matter how tough it feels to find.

Job hunting during a recession can be risky. Sometimes, it’s easy to get yourself down and believe some myths about looking for a job during a recession. As gloomy as it feels, jobs do still exist. 

I’m hearing from people who have been laid off, and from self-employed workers who are witnessing their income streams drying up or disappearing. At the same time, others are stressing that layoffs are just around the corner. These worries keep people up at night, picturing the worst, that the recession will deepen into even darker economic times and jobs will be difficult to find. 

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While it’s normal to worry about the future, particularly when times are difficult, it’s essential to know that job hunting during a recession is not a piece of cake.

Yes. A lot of people are out of work and looking for a job.

Yes. There will be a bunch of resumes submitted for every position.

Yes. That’s a lot of competition, so you’ll need to put in extra effort to prove your worth

Many people believe layoffs in recessions are harming the economy. But there is good news out there. You can take up an online course certification to excel in your domain. It will help increase your chances of getting hired and update your knowledge. Likewise, Unschool is an e-learning platform to help you become the best version of yourself. The courses are delivered by the best in class coaches to supply you with the in-demand lessons. Are you ready to explore now! 

Now that we have learned that layoff is an opportunity to gear up via updating oneself, here we bust the most common untruths about job hunting in economic downturns. 

Myth 1: No one is hiring

Fact: Some industries are affected much more than others during a recession. While many encounter intense growth and others are much quicker to bounce back. Furthermore, many companies lay off regular employees but hire consultants and freelancers to save money. Hence, providing even more opportunities if you’re willing to look outside the full-time job box.

Myth 2: You have to accept less pay

Fact: Companies are still willing to pay handsome pay to employees, and they understand that it is vital to offer a competitive wage to have the best on their team. Hence, asking for less than your market value could be a turn-off. It’s OK to be flexible, but too much flexibility gives an employer a red flag as soon as something better comes out the door.

Moreover, as I have already discussed, to make your worth count, you can prove it with the online certification program, internships or more. 

Myth 3: No one hires employees over 55

Fact: During a recession, companies seek ways to minimise costs. Always keep in mind that training a junior employee is a considerable cost. Finding an experienced candidate who needs minimal training and has a significantly shorter learning curve than hiring a junior employee with a lower salary without experience consuming investment in training could easily make up the salary difference.

Myth 4: With outstanding education and great Experience, your job is guaranteed

Fact: Nothing guarantees a job these days. Your education is valuable to some companies, but direct experience usually does not always trumps education. And don’t forget that personality and cultural fit have just as much to do with getting the job as your experience and education. Likewise, updating with the current trends along with your job will have a higher chance of sticking to the job. For instance, an employee learning advanced Microsoft online course certification to work smoothly in his domain is appreciated.

Myth 5: You’ll find jobs online

Fact: Job boards are a starting point in your job search, but they’re certainly not the only place to look. Face-to-face interactions, in-person networking, and social networking opportunities will be vital in your job search. 

Myth 6: Don’t bother approaching companies in a hiring freeze

Fact: Don’t let the words “hiring freeze” limit you. First, if nothing else, you can build contacts and relationships that will be useful when the company starts to hire again. Secondly, employees continue to make changes, and exceptions to hiring new employees will be made for replacement positions.

Myth 7: Temporary jobs are dead ends

Fact: Temporary positions sound like a fast, easy way to make cash while you wait for something better. But often, these positions will turn into full-time opportunities or at least allow you to reach the door for future positions more aligned with your skills. Some employers are very discreet about hiring new people, so they hire a temporary/contract employee, and then, if things work out, they will hire them permanently.

Myth 8: Send out resumes and wait patiently

Fact: Just sending out resumes and waiting for your phone to ring won’t land you a job. Get out there and be assertive in your job search. You can seek out positions not advertised by networking with people and meeting up with hiring managers at your target companies. Therefore, blindly applying for a job online will lead you to land your next position after ages. 

Myth 9: Fired employees are not hired

Fact: Most potential employers won’t know you were fired by just looking at your CV unless you mention it. You’ll have the chance to win them over in the interview with diplomatic answers. If you were fired in a job previous to your last position, likely, it won’t even come up.

Myth 10: You should take the first job offered

Fact: It’s easy to think you should accept anything that comes along with the economy so slow, but ensure you take time to consider as many options as possible. Consulting, freelancing, and even taking on temp jobs are all better options than getting stuck in a job you know in advance you will hate.

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Get help from those who understand

We’re not saying that seeking a job during a recession isn’t daunting. We are saying that you should ignore myths that leave you hopeless and discouraged. Instead, get us on board with Unschool’s online course certification course to update your knowledge for the next job.

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