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Gone are the days when the pandemic has served us fatal blows personally and professionally. But with the new dawn of 2022, the dark clouds have started to sail away slowly. With lessons from previous years, every professional needs to sit back and revamp their plan of action to achieve their dream job.

“What is your dream job?” often asked HR questions in a job interview. Let’s be honest, you need to give a serious amount of thought to the interviewer’s follow-up questions.

So what better time than New Year to buckle down and revise your plans to attain your dream job! In this article, I will give you a walkthrough of the steps to follow while creating a roadmap to your dream job.

  1. Consider where you want to see yourself shortly
  2. Analyze your SWOT
  3. Research on available job profiles in the market 
  4. Enhance your network
  5. Work on your vision board idea 

Consider where you want to see yourself shortly

Take a step back and figure out where you want to see yourself in the upcoming 3 years. The pandemic has clarified the job market system and which job roles are here to thrive. 

Based on this research, you can discover the dream job you are passionate about based on your interest. In simple words, you must map your aspirations for job market research to develop a concrete plan.

For instance, AI is an upcoming successful career in 2022. The entry-level Artificial Intelligence salary in India for almost 40% of professionals earn around Rs. 6,00,000, and mid-level, and senior-level artificial intelligence salary could make more than Rs. 50,00,000 in India. Good news: upskill your Advanced AI online course with Unschool at an affordable rate.

Some of the biggest recruiters of AI professionals in India are Fractal Analytics, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Amazon, LinkedIn, Citrix, Verizon, SAP Labs, Nvidia, Tech Mahindra, Flipkart, and Myntra. 

So when you sit down to make a roadmap to victory, you need to tick off all the demanded milestones to achieve the same.

Here are a few things you need to consider,

  • Current in-demand skills: It is vital to stay abreast of all the existing skills to progress in your career
  • Comprehend and work on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create milestones: It will help you to break down your goals in an achievable format
  • Stay updated on the recent salary trend for an AI engineer role

Analyse your SWOT

Every business experiences periodic SWOT analyses to enhance its business opportunities. SWOT analysis signifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Knowing how to use this method can assist you in making logical decisions regarding your career.

You can use personal SWOT analysis on detailed areas like Hard skills/ technical skills, soft skills, etc, to enhance your opportunities.

Here is how you can move ahead with your SWOT list.

  • Jot down your relevant strengths
  • List down your weaknesses
  • Define external factors that can act as opportunities
  • list down the threats that can appear

Such detailed analysis can help you develop a concrete plan for success.

If you need more confidence in communication, you start looking for courses to brush up on your skills in the form of courses. For instance, enrol in Unschool’s Public Speaking and Training course if you need to learn how to communicate. Boost your confidence with Unschool. 

Research on the job profiles in the market

Time to become Sherlock Holmes. Dig more about the job role’s needs, future demand, etc. After all, you want to opt for something other than a career that may lose its demand 2 or3 years later.

So, do thorough research, and do not restrict yourself only to the demand and salary but also the growth opportunities. There are many sites where you can research jobs on LinkedIn, Naukri, Shine, and more. What are you waiting for? Start working on improving your network.

By the way, Unschool is offering a Digital Marketing Job Program for students seeking a career in digital marketing. In this program, students will get detailed course knowledge for four months. The following two months incorporate intense career assistance for students to get a job. 

Improve your network

Indeed, you want to expand your research beyond just theoretical research. With professional websites, you can reach out to people of the same domain or even your college alums to better understand the field and how to progress.

You can also ask to speak with your family, friends, and even your parents’ colleagues (if working) and get all your questions answered about the area.

Work on your vision board ideas

Creating a vision board is the next step to curating your dream job’s roadmap. It can help remind you of your dream job and how far you can achieve it.

Once you look at the concrete layout of your path to achieving your dream job, start finding a job on LinkedIn, Naukri, Shine etc. 

However, do not be afraid of falling or tripping on your way to success; continue on your path with discipline and consistency.

All the Best!


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