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Are you looking forward to improving yourself every day? Are you willing to be confident, self-aware, a better communicator person, and a quick learner from mistakes? Career Journal is a powerful tool for professional development, which can solve all the questions above and even solve more than that.

Start your journal step by step

However, there is no specific rule of time to write in the Journal. Few people write their Career Journal at the start, while others write just before bed. Everyone has different opinions, and it entirely depends on you which time is best for you to write. To get the best results, you should maintain and write at the same selected time every day. Well, writing a career journal should become a habit. And if you are a beginner, it will take time to make a new habit and self-discipline to build it.

Likewise, Unschool is an online learning platform offering more than 30+ online courses. It offers a course, namely “Art of Journaling,” which discovers the art of expressive writing for your personal well-being and professional path. The course teaches you to create a healthy routine of journaling.

One of the crucial things is to dedicate 5-10 minutes. Afterward, you will find that you are writing a lot of time and enjoying it. It will automatically come due to writing the Career Journal over a long period. Furthermore, you do not have to be professional or force yourself to write, just go with the flow of your thoughts. Another point to remember is to try to be honest while writing in your Career Journal. Therefore there are a few points to remember while writing a journal. 

Let us have a look:

 Include these in your journal:

1. State Your Future Goal

2. Strategy-Related Goals

3. Ideas of Your Mind

4. Advice and Experiences

5. Thoughts and Feelings


State Your Future Goal

“Clarity is power.” If you lack any clarity about your future goal, then, unfortunately, your ship is in the middle sea without radar.

So you just have to state what your expectations are from your life and what you are seeking to achieve. Writing it in a career journal is a much better option than keeping it in mind because writing provides more clarity to our brains. The ultimate result is to write down the career goal irrespective of the current situation.

Strategy Related Goals

Once you are on board with the clarity of your goal, start making strategies that can help you achieve your goal.

Plan and write down your strategies and necessary steps in the career journal. Therefore, these small steps of a day will lead you to outstanding achievements.

Ideas of Your Mind

A great idea may not come when you think it. Everybody is surrounded by electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, and many others. Download an app on your mobile phone like Sticky Notes to quickly jot down your ideas. If you do not write, the idea could be flown away like the other invaluable thoughts and is very hard to remember.

Advice and Experiences

“Experiences are the teacher of all things”.  

Experiences include good or bad, depending on how we learn from them. This learning from experience makes us better day by day. Writing about experiences and then analyzing them enables you to grow successfully in your life. Sometimes when you come across some advice, then mention it in your career journal always helps you to follow it at some point in your career. 

Thoughts and Feelings

In our daily life, we come across a blend of thoughts and feelings that might be positive or negative.

Due to a few bad thoughts and feelings, we might get frustrated resulting in an invitation to stress in our life. The best way is to write down all the stress points. Your private Career Journal is one of the best places to retract negative thoughts and emotions.


Implementing the changes mentioned in your Journal over your daily habit and work habit leads you to be more productive and effective. However, one of the vital journaling uses is to track progress in all areas of life. The mentioned experiences will help you to give a brief idea regarding how to tackle tough situations. So, working on thoughts and emotions adds positive value to your professional career and personal life.


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