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India has been the home to one of the great centers of learning –  the world’s first university Nalanda University. Today India has over 1100 Universities, and the Indian education system has seen a massive transformation after independence. And there have been drastic changes with the recent national education policy that is going to be a stepping stone to transforming how Indian youth learns in a more practical sense in this education system. An important part of the education of an individual is skills development. Gone are those days when you sat down and learned formulas or revised theory, today, ‘doing’ and ‘creating’ is the future of India. 

Empowering India’s Youth

India placed special importance on skill development when it started the Skill India mission in 2015. It gives a much-needed boost to a majority of the young population under 25 years of age which needs training and development in new areas of learning across demographic and social economic classes, also covering a vast range of Vocational it based and soft skills development. 

NSDC Certified Courses Transforming Education and Skill Development

The area of skill development has been a work in progress, but with the collaborations that the National Skill Development Corporation has been providing across the educational ecosystem have been inclusive, which has promoted new methodologies of training and also enabled the youth towards the right carrier parts which are present today as well as the jobs that are you have to be created in the future. The National Skill Development Corporation has partnered with Unschool to create a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the ever-changing job market and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and training from experts working across sectors. This collaboration is a win-win proposition for any institution as well as the student community because they can get the best of each other, with the catalyst here being training partners such as Unschool and Masai. 

During the past 4 years and school has researched, taken feedback and partnered with multiple corporations to understand the real gaps between what students learn versus The jobs they apply for. Through this work over the past 4 years, we have developed two programs that help students across 40 skills to get them job ready skills and to induce lifelong learning. The Internship Program for college-going students and the Job Program to assist in career start or shift. 

Upskill Today!

This collaboration with NSDC will bring value to the entire learning community helping Unschool become more relevant, reliable and accessible to everyone who wishes to upskill. 

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