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Content strategy is a vital part of any digital marketing plan, making the role of the content strategist increasingly important. But if you’re new to content marketing or looking to make a career switch to this domain, you may not be acquainted with all the ins and outs of the job. So, what does a content strategist do?

According to the report, landing a content strategy job demands a broad range of skills and practical know-how. The job of content strategists is to develop content ideas and campaigns across numerous digital platforms. Moreover, they must also understand search engine optimization (SEO) and have a sharp editorial eye.

Sounds like a lot in one plate. Don’t worry! We’ll give you a walkthrough of the content strategist’s job description, skills, and qualifications. Are you ready?

Who are content strategists?

There are various interpretations of what a content strategist is, based on the scope and focus of their work. For some, a content strategist creates and broadcasts engaging content across specific channels to reach a brand’s target audience. While others, it’s someone who manages the entire customer experience, from brand awareness to conversion. So, which one is it?

Therefore the answer is: it depends. Content strategists can either specialise in a distinct area of content marketing or work to create and execute a brand’s content strategy across all channels like email, website, and paid advertising.

In either case, content strategists need to understand their target audience and buyer personas in-depth to produce content that resonates and drives results. So, the role is the blend of consultant, project manager, editor, and data analyst.

Now that we’ve learned who a content strategist is, let’s explore some of the more specific responsibilities this role entails. Here’s a quick summary of the jobs:

  • Content ideation: developing ideas for new content based on keyword research and other data-driven understandings
  • Content planning: mapping out a content calendar to ensure the timely and efficient digital content creation
  • Keyword research: identifying the right keywords and search terms to target to enhance content discoverability
  • Content creation: writing and developing new content or rectifying existing content for other digital channels
  • Content management: uploading and publishing content to a content management system (CMS) or other digital platforms
  • Content optimization: providing all content is optimised for search engines and user experience
  • Content editing: scanning and editing content for clarity, grammar, and style
  • Content audits: checking existing content to evaluate its quality and performance and making recommendations for improvement
  • Content analysis: employing data analytics tools to track content performance and determine areas for improvement.

Well, a content strategist has many responsibilities, from generating ideas and writing content to managing workflows and analysing performance. 

What skills are required to become a content strategist?

Given the myriad tasks and responsibilities of the content strategist job description, it’s no surprise that this role calls for a wide range of skills. Here are some important ones:

1. Copywriting skills

As a content strategist, you need to be able to write persuasive copy to engage the reader and drive outcomes. In simple terms, one should have a firm grasp of grammar, style, and tone and the potential to communicate complicated ideas clearly and convincingly.

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2. Research skills

Another essential part of the job is understanding your target audience and their requirements. It concerns extensive research employing various data sources, like web analytics tools, customer interviews and surveys.

3. Editorial competency

In addition to writing an effective copy yourself, you also need to be able to edit and enhance the work of others. Meaning having a keen eye for detail and excellent editing skills to ensure that all content meets the industry standards.

4. Analytical skills

There is plenty of data in the content strategist’s world. Therefore, making sense of all the data and drawing actionable insights from it is an essential skill to develop if you want to excel in this role.

5. Strategic thinking skills

A defining characteristic of a successful content strategist is the capacity to think strategically. Simply put, you need to see the big picture and create innovative solutions to issues.

6. Project management skills

You will find yourself juggling multiple projects simultaneously in this job. Therefore, strong project management skills are critical to keeping everything on track and meeting deadlines.

7. Presentation skills

Another big part of the content strategist’s job is communicating with stakeholders. It’s crucial to present your ideas clearly and confidently.

8. Organisational skills

Multitasking is the name of the game when you’re a content strategist. From managing multiple projects at once to coordinating a team of writers, you need to be highly organised and have excellent time management skills.

9. Leadership skills

The final lap is to manage a team of content creators. It demands excellent project management skills, strong interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities.

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Content strategist salary and career progression outlook

As with any job, salary expectations will vary depending on your experience, skills, and location. But here is the average base salaries for content strategists in India, according to Glassdoor: 6,96,396 /yr. Explore jobs to apply.

Career progression is primarily dependent on experience and skills. With enough experience, you can become a senior content strategist or even a content marketing manager position. You may also have the chance to specialise in a precise area, like SEO or social media. 

Do I need a certification to become a content strategist?

Even though some firms may ask for a content strategist certification or a university degree like Digital Marketing Management. In most cases, it’s optional for the job. Getting certified can help you land in the job market with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this role. Therefore, Unschool offers a Job Program in Digital Marketing along with a guaranteed job. If you want a future in digital marketing, then Unschool is the best to start with. 

How to become a content strategist?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best way to become a content strategist depends on your skills and experience.

For instance, if you’re a recent fresh graduate with little to no prior work experience, the way is to start with internship positions in content marketing or related areas. It will allow you to gain some hands-on experience and learn the ropes of the industry.

But if you’re coming from a different background and hoping to make a career change, then you need extra work to make the transition. 

The road ahead

Content strategists play a vital role in any organisation. They are accountable for developing and managing the content on the company’s website, blog, social media channels, and other platforms. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this domain, acquire relevant skills and experience and build a strong portfolio displaying your best work.

Has this article grabbed your interest in content marketing?

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