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If you must have all heard, Big Data is a big deal and about the lack of data scientists. According to IBM’s prediction, the demand for data scientists soared by 28 percent in 2020. Therefore the shortage of “Citizen Data Scientists’ ‘ was overshadowed by 90 percent of data scientists having either a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. for each data. 

What is a “Citizen Data Scientist”? The term has existed for a couple of years, but there are no job listings for “citizen data scientist” on Experts defined it as a person having data science skills, such as statistics, but not as advanced as a data scientist. Therefore the job duties involve delving into new data, enhancing existing models, and creating and deploying additional models to gain insight. 

However, businesses are adapting and figuring out they need only professionals with the right skill set and training to tackle specific tasks. Thereby welcoming a new role: the Citizen Data Scientist. Now forget the significant hero role of the data scientist. The citizen data scientist is coming to the rescue, no cape or advanced degree is required. 

Businesses Are Turning to Citizen Data Scientists

Now that we know there is a shortage of data scientists, businesses concede that not every job function demands an advanced degree. Rather, a citizen data scientist can be trained to do work that is needed but not currently getting done. 

For instance, Bernard Marr, a Big Data influencer, explains how Sears identified a need for people who were more than average Excel users but not as highly qualified as data scientists to enhance their customer segmentation. To meet this requirement, they reskilled existing staff into Big Data analysts to allow the retailer to make more informed decisions concerning products shown to website users. However, it was a huge success and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, the so-called citizen data scientists conducted exploratory analysis, visualization, and placing their insights into action.

Reskilling or upskilling employees can enhance data roles. Organizations can make better use of data, leading to cost savings through greater efficiency and competitiveness through access and use of that data. 

Should You Consider a Job as a Citizen Data Scientist?

In the 21st century, data is generated daily in immense volumes to have better data management solutions available. It is critical for every business or organization that strives to succeed today to understand the use of data management. Fortunately, there are resources available, from data management software to data management and everything in between. 

With data increasing in volume at a rate that will soon reach 1.7 megabytes of data every second for every person on Earth. While the existing shortage of data scientists will also grow, it’s safe to say a career as a citizen data scientist will likely offer an abundance of job opportunities and high salaries. 

The person interested in data and analytics but no interest in returning to school to earn a Master’s degree or doctorate can upskill their knowledge through regular online courses.

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