As per the 2015 figures reported by NASSCOM, India needed more than 77,000 ethical hackers as opposed to the 15,000 certified ethical hackers in the country. In August 2019, Apple announced 1 million dollars to anyone who would responsibly disclose dangerous security vulnerabilities to the firm. One of the major threats to leading organizations and industries comes from cyber criminals. A number of organizations end up paying hefty amounts of money to keep confidential information from being disclosed to the government.

In the past, companies believed in ‘locking doors’ to safeguard the systems. It was only recently that these organizations realized that the system software needs to be constantly tested in order to withstand the attacks. With an increasing number of companies entering e-commerce and with the wide adoption of new technologies like cloud computing, security of all the data and information is a sensitive and crucial issue. The increasing cyber threats have also revealed the extreme shortage of ethical hackers in the field. The job of an ethical hacker is to penetrate security systems and fix weak points that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Ethical hackers have a large scope of employability too, as evidenced by those employed by government organizations, banks, multinational companies.

Cyber crimes have become quite common in the digital world and while young and new companies are better at safeguarding themselves from these cyber attacks, traditional and old businesses are still  prone to these threats. Large MNCs are faced with the challenge of dealing with complex security issues meaning that their cyber security needs to be updated as per the ever-changing hacking tactics. Cyber crimes are becoming more complex and their tactics more sophisticated. Recently, a lot of hotels were victims of ‘darkhotel’ malware in an attempt to spy on or stalk corporate travelers and gain access to their information through hotel WiFi.

Ethical hacking provides a wide range of opportunities in the field. Experienced certified ethical hackers working as security analysts, security consultants and ethical hacking experts earn about 9-20 lakhs per annum.

It is very important for ethical hackers to have hands-on experience to conduct vulnerability assessments since it involves regularly checking for vulnerabilities so you as to reinforce weak areas. It is  critical to learn and understand how black hat hackers get into the system otherwise it becomes rather difficult to secure these vulnerabilities.

How to become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

A certified ethical hacker is a global hacker with a certification from the EC Council (International Council for E-commerce consultants). Online ethical hacking courses along with projects in the field help learners understand the subject as well as help them get hands-on experience in the field.