2020 has redefined E-Learning more than any other field. From Electronic Learning it has become Essential Learning. This growing field seems to have numerous advantages, some of which are:

1)Your comfort and your needs-
Imagine a cold winter evening, huddled up in blankets with a bowl of hot Maggi, you are learning about Ancient art and aesthetics from a university, hundreds or even thousands of miles from home.

E-Learning accommodates your needs, interests. It is customizable learning, you choose the time, topic, and indulge in quality learning.

2) Revisit and reflect-
We have all struggled to keep up with teachers trying to cover a vast number of topics over the span of 60 minutes.

E-Learning ends that hassle, you can revisit and rewatch the lectures how many ever times you want! Is the Speaker too slow? You can even hit that 1.5x speed

3) Dynamic learning-
Conventional learning has ancient content that is mostly outdated and irrelevant.

However, E-Learning classes are regularly updated to stay aligned with recent trends and global changes. Learn only what is essential and relevant!

4) Instant Learning-
Commute to and fro educational institutions can be exhausting and counterproductive.

E-Learning erases all the logistic difficulties and directly connects you to the learning platform.

5) Reduced costs-
Education is known to be an expensive privilege, especially if you aspire to join a reputed institution.

Thanks to the digital revolution, the best institutions from across the world now offer courses free of cost or at very affordable prices.

6) Recreational too!-
E-Learning is not just limited to education and learning of skills. It is now in every domain and activity. You can learn to dance, do meditation, sing, learn to play a new instrument, all from the comfort of your home!

7) Job opportunities and work experience-
After education, there comes a point where we are all trying to apply for jobs, but conventional education is for the masses. We realise that we lack the specific skills to join our dream job. E-Learning bridges that gap by helping you learn what you want and need for your dream job.

Not just that, certain platforms like our own, Unschool provide internship opportunities right after you complete your course. This helps the company hiring you to know that you have the knowledge and skills to work with them.

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This article is written by the Senior Coach for Mastering Microsoft Excel.