Most often in life, you arrive at certain decisions and points where you feel lost. This may be in your career, your work, and your personal life. At such times, you wonder if someone else has been in your place and more often than not, there usually has. Certain people have explored the path that you have been on before, if not the exact one, they know what it is to be in your shoes.

Why are we talking about someone like that? Cause these people who have already gone through the curve are the ones who you need to seek as a mentor. A mentor can be any professional who ideally is someone experienced in the same field as you are or want to be, someone who understands what it is to be where you are in your journey, someone with strong work ethics and connections, someone who can help you move along the curve.

Why should I have a mentor? If this is a question which popped up in your head, let me help you with that.

1. A mentor would have an unbiased view of your accomplishments and failures.
They probably see things differently, and in a way that you may not do yourself. They would be able to point out things which would help you identify something that you may have overlooked yourself.

2. Mentors have knowledge & information
They know how your field works, they know the likely challenges, opportunities, and what comes after. This is invaluable since you might sometimes be blindsided by something that you did not account for. This knowledge is also inside knowledge sometimes which you can only gain through experience and that is what a mentor offers

3. Mentors help you shape yourself
They help you brainstorm ideas, set boundaries for yourself, hold you accountable to the standards you have set for yourself and in a way help you shape all aspects of your career as long as you are willing to give yourself the opportunity to do so. Mentors would be able to advise you along every step of the way as long as you are consistent with them.

4. Mentors keep you going
They provide you with a drive, in times when you don’t find it, by stimulating you with conversations and activities which might get your mind racing. They also help you expand your network by connecting you with someone who can help you advance on the curve.

Mentors are supremely vital stakeholders who are not looked into when someone starts a new journey. It is important to seek out a mentor who is in sync with your ambitions and goals to help you advance, by providing you with opportunities, experiences and learnings which you may find hard to come across otherwise.