All of us have been stuck at home for the last few months, and while the situation has decreased many employment opportunities, many businesses have been operating online at the same time. This has created entire new areas of work and other career opportunities to explore. Since we have more time to spare than ever before, learning a new skill can open up many opportunities for you. Here are four new things that you can learn and make your quarantine productive.

1. Coding
Coding is one skill that can help you in many ways. From web development, app building to machine learning, and game development, coding is a broad field that opens up a lot of avenues. You can make your own website and work on creating a portfolio or can build an Android app and publish it on the Play store. If you are a little familiar with coding, then this is the time to master this skill as the employment opportunities in this field are surely going to boom.

2. Graphic designing
Online content creation is increasing day by day. The competition on social media for creating good quality content is immense. Creating visual content that stands out can be challenging. In this case, learning graphic designing and software(s) like Adobe Photoshop can go a long way. If you think that you have a creative side, then this is the time to bring it out.

3. Video Editing
A lot of people are moving towards online platforms like YouTube or Instagram and creating content to promote their businesses. A lot of businesses also hire freelancers who can edit their videos for them. If you can work with video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro, then this can be a great prospect for work. You can also start your own YouTube channel and explore your hobbies across various platforms.

4. Content writing / Creative Writing
Online businesses are in constant need of quality content that can promote their products or services on different platforms. If you have a way with words, writing content can lead to numerous work opportunities. This is the perfect time to practice and polish your writing skills. You can also explore blogging and if it gets to a certain reach, you can start earning from it.

Going digital is the only way forward during these times. So if you want to learn something, these are some of the skills that you can explore. At Unschool, we have courses for all these skills and can even give you internship opportunities at the end to gain hands-on experiences. Visit our website to know more.