Haven’t you heard entrepreneurs, philosophers, and thinkers say – “We were just bored and this idea came up randomly” or “I just wanted to kill some time and this brilliant idea popped up in my head”? Or it even happens sometimes that you are folding laundry, washing dishes, cleaning your apartment or doing nothing in particular and you have a eureka moment, right?

Well, that’s the power of being bored – you get brilliant ideas because when your body goes on autopilot, your brain gets busy forming new neural connections that connect ideas and solve problems. Yes, you heard me right. Being bored can lead to new possibilities, sound ideas and even an extra shot of creativity.

So, this isn’t a guide about beating boredom but a guide to embracing it and being more bored because boredom leads you to become brilliant.

Here are two steps which will help you stay bored:

#1. Move from being ‘always connected’ to being ‘always disconnected’.

You’re not doing anything important while scrolling through your phone regularly – checking that discount mail, that WhatsApp group that you’re not active in etc. You are just killing time off your day thinking you are doing something productive but no, you’re ‘scientifically’ not being productive when you’re jumping from checking your mail on the laptop, to checking your smartwatch for how may steps you’ve walked, and then checking your Instagram feed for news – none of this contributes to productivity. So, believe me, when I say that I have been able to contribute personally to my growth while being more disconnected with the digital world than when I was glued to it 24/7.

I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone for 9 months and I was less anxious, more involved in the daily interactions with people and yes, when I had more time being bored – I came up with brilliant ideas and had the time to execute them.

#2 Playing by the rules, making up your rules.

Do you remember the time when you’d wake up by 6 am or 7 am to rush for your first hour at college? When I remember those times, I realize that even though it was a very strict regime, I felt happy going through my day because it was structured and had some rules that I had to follow, even though some rules were dumb. Over the last 5 years of staying alone, I have come to understand that having a certain set of rules for yourself will allow you to be more disciplined and help you achieve your goals sooner than later.

In 2018, I used to wake up at 8:30 am, get to the office by 10 am. return home by 7 pm and get to bed by 2 am. I had nothing planned, it was all in the flow and after six months I realised that I had wasted so much time that could have been spent on my personal well-being. Now, in 2020, I am more organised. I have a 6-hour sleep schedule, I get to bed by 12:30 am and wake up by 6:30 am. I have a rule of taking a shower as soon as I wake up, I listen to one podcast while having my breakfast and then, I journal and schedule my day. The day goes on with a set of rules that I have made myself to follow. I do not get bored because all these tasks are something I love doing and I have my life in my control – nothing about that sounds boring to me.

It is okay to be bored and if you’re not bored it means everything in your life is going on right but life’s not supposed to be that way.

If there aren’t ups and downs, how is a rollercoaster ride going to be exciting? Be bored, become brilliant.