We can all agree on one thing, that diverse cultures attract us. Not just that, few cultures are so different and so amazing that you want to dive in and get to know more. And the base to that is, learning the particular language. Yes, it is difficult to learn something new all by yourself.

Here are some tricks you may use to learn a new language.

1. Start with the basics

Pick up the most common words that you use in your day-to-day life and start by learning those common words. Make sure to revise them at the end of the day. Keep a track of how many words you’re able to remember while revising. If you fail to remember at least  30% of the words, it’s time to slow down. Do not try to learn too many words in a day. Once you get on track, you can pace up and increase the number of words.

2. Set goals

If you are truly dedicated to learning the language, then set goals for yourself. Learning words is not enough, you need to start using them. Try to make sentences out of the words that you learned. Set a target like, “I have to learn to make 5 sentences this week”. Again, it is very important to revise and remember what you have learned.

3. Watch a lot of TV shows and movies in that particular language

While watching the TV shows, observe the pronunciation of words, understand the contexts in which they can be used. Most importantly, pursue the gestures because it is easier for the mind to grasp and remember.

4. Conversation

We all know that a new skill comes to us only when we practice. Similarly, to learn a new language, you need to start making conversations. Conversations are the key to learn this skill. You might make a lot of mistakes while speaking, but that’s alright because you’re still in the process of learning. Connect with the native speakers more.

5. Have fun

Enjoy this whole process of learning. Laugh at yourselves when you make mistakes and get back by learning it right. You need to enjoy what you’re doing which is when you will learn and master it.