After about two decades of its existence, Java is still the most preferred programming language for app developers and this is primarily because Java is the core language used in Android App development. If you are an aspiring app developer or if you are looking to master android application development, then you have to learn Java and be well-versed with it.

It is common knowledge that android is the most popular mobile platform with the largest number of devices running on it. Naturally, with Java being at the center of it, it automatically becomes the most preferred language for android application developers. Not only that, several other features that are responsible for the popularity and sustenance of Java as the preferred programming language for multiple platforms include the language being platform independent, object-oriented, secure and the ability to perform multiple tasks without crashing.

  • Platform independent:

In simpler words, it means that Java code can run on any platform. Unlike other languages, Java doesn’t require a compiler to minimize the size of the code. One doesn’t have to import and edit the source code of the application each time a platform is changed. A class file (.class) is the file that essentially contains the code for execution of the application and can run on any platform whether it is Mac, Windows or Linux. As a result of this, the application can run on any smartphone be it Lenovo, Samsung or Nokia.

  • Object oriented:

This makes the programming language secure for use, owing to its usage of classes and objects. These classes are well encapsulated i.e. there is a protective layer around the code that reduces unnecessary interference. While most of the other languages operate in machine code directly, Java is isolated from the underlying machine hardware. Inheritance in Java makes developing applications easier for developers as it permits using features of one class that already exists to another class that needs to be created. The multithreading feature in Java allows a developer to multitask on multiple threads rather than just working on a single thread, thus reducing the chances of the application crashing.

Despite being a widely discussed and used programming language, Java is easy to learn and quick to master. It is used for a wide array of programming projects ranging from mobile applications to web applications, regardless of their size and scale. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for an application developer to master Java. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the booming edu-tech industry, you can now learn and master this skill, from the comfort of your own home at your own pace under the guidance of industry experts at a very reasonable cost.

Consequently, many students and young professionals are opting for online Java courses in India. Online courses are not only convenient but also provide learners access to quality content and useful Java tutorials often created and curated by leading industry experts. Therefore, it is no surprise that a large number of aspiring application developers are opting for online Java courses to improve their skills and eventually make a career out of it.