Working from home is awesome until your mom asks you to get groceries from the store, your friends call you up to hang out with them, and the noise of the local channels on the television is all you can hear. The idea that working from home would bring you peace of mind and productivity, is often ruined by these distractions that you may not account for.

Below, I’ve compiled some work from home tips that I follow which help me be better at work.

#1. Get started early

Getting up early is not only the hardest job of the day, but the most productive part of the day as well. Taking a shower in the morning refreshes you and helps you to be active. No pain, no gain right?

#2 Plan your day as you would in the office

Mentally set yourself up as if you are going to the office, but recognize and get delighted by the fact that you are saving valuable time by not commuting to the office. Journal your tasks and priorities for the day. Get dressed for work. Yes, you heard me right. Have dedicated WFH clothes.

#3. Keep a defined timeline for the tasks

While you are planning the day, define a timeline for each task. When you set a deadline, it helps you to be more focused on the task and reduces distractions. As you work from home, you will have hopefully have fewer distractions as compared to the office.

#4. Have a dedicated space for your work

Many of us like to stay comfortable while working at home but keep a dedicated space for your work because it also mentally prepares you to have an active mindset. The kind of space depends on people as some people might be productive in a calm environment and some might be productive in a busy environment. In that case you can go to a cafe and work from there too. Suit yourself based on what brings out the best in you. In the end, how we finish our tasks effectively is what matters.

These are some steps I follow during my Work from home time. These are flexible and can change from person to person but the above mentioned make me productive throughout the day and could make you productive too.

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