'You are a result of what you do daily' is something that you may have heard or come across. This applies to everything that you do, from the time you wake up to the time you shut shop for the day. With that context, you are essentially a product of a culmination of your habits, and the quality of habits that you choose to build.

Here comes the challenge, how does one build a habit? Are all those quotes on the internet true about 21 days? Let’s explore.

#1 Start with the why

Your inner motivation on why you want to build a particular habit is really vital to spark the initial interest and pick it up. Make sure you are absolutely clear on why you want to build this habit and what it will do for you

#2 Baby steps

Take baby steps in building your habits, start with small, achievable goals. For example, 5 push-ups a day, 10 minutes of cycling. Start with a gentle measure that allows you to build faith in your ability to build this habit first.

#3 Take it easy

Treat yourself with kindness. In case you miss one or two days, don’t beat yourself up and discontinue this whole process by thinking that this always happens to you or that you can never finish what you have started. Stop using words like always or never, to begin with.

#4. Create an eco-system of support

Habits, especially in the early and middle stages are vulnerable to distractions, and the feeling of wanting to let go. In stages like these, it is important to build an eco-system, filled with your friends and family, by informing them about your goal and ensuring that they help you stay on track. You will also be doing a favor to yourself by physically clearing your everyday spaces of your regular sources of distraction.

#4. Consistency is key

The habit may be small in the beginning but your challenge is to be consistent. Be patient and don’t expect exponential growth in the first few weeks. Don’t give up if you don’t see too much progress and know that you are in for the long run. Track your goals on your channel of choice and reward yourself when you achieve a milestone.

In conclusion, habits are life-defining and research has shown that it takes more than just 21 days to build a habit. However, it is not impossible to build one in that time if your will power is extraordinary. If you truly want to build something for life, start small, scale it up, be consistent and don’t make it a chore. Enjoy the journey of progress and make it happen.