What is a healthy diet?
A healthy diet isn’t just about eating vegetable salads or colorful fruits. A healthy diet also isn’t about restricting yourself from eating what you love or building some strict limitations to have a thin body. Instead, it’s about having more energy, improving your health, boosting your mood and loving what you eat. We often complicate our diets with different patterns and find it difficult to stick to eating healthy. Most of us forget that it is important to feel energetic and satisfied after a meal.

It is said that “you are what you eat!”. But what if you don't know what you eat? Here are a few tips which will help you construct a healthy diet and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Every good morning starts with:

Coffee: Coffee is an amazing beverage to start your day. The caffeine in it may improve mood, mental performance, and metabolism. One of the most effective types of coffee that one can bgein their day with is Black Coffee.

Eggs: Eggs are undeniably healthy and delicious. They are high in protein and several important nutrients. They also promote fullness and help you eat fewer calories. One can boil an egg and have the Algumen. (What is this?)

Nuts: Nuts are tasty, satisfying and nutritious. Nuts are filling, nutrient-dense food that may help reduce heart disease risk and improve blood sugar control.

2. Lunch:

Start with salads: Add some colors so that you do not just eat with your mouth but also with your eyes and heart. You can curate your own salad by adding Avocados, Chickpeas, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumber, Bell peppers, and Lettuce. The above-mentioned condiments contain Fibre and Protein which are great incentives for good metabolism and alternative calorie intake.

Move to a fuller meal by incorporating whole grains and a nice curry filled with protein (Indian shrimp curry or chicken curry). Add a low-calorie dessert if you want to treat yourself.

3. Dinner-Winner:

You can be a winner by finishing your dinner 2 hours prior to your sleeping time. You can preferably have something light. You can have a vegetarian rice bowl with some steamed vegetables and some meat. The best meat that you can add is Salmon. On days when you don’t really feel like eating, you can end the day with a glass of milk.

Note that it is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Make sure that you drink water 30 minutes prior to every meal and also 30 minutes post every meal. If you ever get bored of following one specific diet pattern, shift to another one, starting with small changes.