Never stop growing, never stop learning. With that in mind, Unschool believes in creating a nurturing environment for its students as well as coaches. Being a coach simply doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have time and scope for personal growth. Instead you learn as you teach.

And that is how it happens:


During this stage, you’ll be ideating and discussing the course structure and material. This will involve a lot of research. Studying in depth about a particular area of study, analysing and examining the subjects and course material that is relevant and appropriate for students, giving them the necessary practical knowledge and exposure will help you discover facets not known before. This will expand your knowledge bank.

Design & Communication:

Creating interactive assignments and tasks would not only help students test their knowledge but also enable you to test your skills as a coach. Being a coach is not simply delivering lectures but resolving doubts and queries, initiating discussions and debates and making the classroom space more open and democratic for students. This can help you learn something even from your own community, giving you a deeper insight into making the lessons better.

Upskill with Unschool:

Coaches can Upskill with Unschool too. How? Well, we strongly urge our coaches to be up-to-date with the latest trends, inventions, discoveries, change of laws etc. to provide our students with the best of knowledge. In that process, coaches are given free access to events, forums, webinars and the like, hosted by Unschool. You keep gaining new skills each day, isn’t that great?

So are you ready to be a coach?