Are you really passionate about what you teach? But still stuck in the conventional classroom setup? Unschool is just the place for you. We don’t believe that knowledge is restricted to the four walls of the classroom anymore. We, at Unschool, don’t follow a rigid course curriculum and let our coaches decide what’s right for their students.

Simply put, You are your own boss and we are here to help you. Still Confused? We want your ideas, your expertise, not only in the classroom but at every step of the way. Right from ideating about a particular field of your interest to actually creating and delivering lectures, you will be free to create and teach the course the way you’ve always wanted.

The Big Idea

Plan what you want to teach. Preparing a blueprint is very essential. Things like the area that you are experienced and confident to teach, the subjects that you would like to cover and the learning outcomes that you aspire your students to take away from your course. Believe in yourself and our experienced Product Managers will be there to assist you in the planning phase.

Design it yourself

Our vision is to provide students with helpful study material and in this digital age, interactive classes are the key. Communicating with students through video lectures, PDFs, presentations, images etc. is one the best ways to share knowledge with the budding learners. And of course, if you have trouble recording and creating audio-visual material, our team will provide full support and assistance at each step. In case you are not comfortable facing the camera, you can always screencast and record your lectures.

Remember, the better the quality of content, the more would be your reach.

You are not alone

Once you join Unschool, you’ll always belong to a wider community of, not just instructors and fellow coaches, but students too, who can get in touch with you easily through our Community section. Never let your students miss out on details about Course Announcements, question and answer sessions, solving doubts and queries, doing fun assignments and tasks together and building your own small niche at Unschool .

And we cannot emphasise enough, We are there for you and so is the community. Click here to sign up for the Coach Community.  

Be resources, tools, assistance with course material or any ideas that you want to execute to improve your lessons, we are just a click away. This is your chance so why wait? Begin now!