Knowledge gained but not used, is like a book written but never read.

At home and bored?
We take so much information from online classes because learning online is the new trend, but what to make of the knowledge we gain?

Of course, we need to use it.
The education industry is going through a major change, with students now gaining the privilege to learn from home. With this change in education, there is also a transition in job profiles. Now students don’t just have the opportunity to learn but also the opportunity to earn!

5 Ways in which internships contribute to our career and academic growth:

1) Increase your practical knowledge:

Internships allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge. Often, internships also highlight the real-life difficulties or advantages of the knowledge we have acquired, thus giving a deeper understanding of the field.

2) Get industry-ready!

Internships increase a student’s chances of getting hired. It helps an individual have a taste of the industry beforehand. Industry preparedness is one thing that we gain from internships.

3) Know yourself better:

Internships allow an individual to understand themselves better. People get a deeper insight into their competencies, interests, and passion while working in a professional setting. Hence, experience from internships could be used to make future career decisions.

4) Try different career paths:

Careers are extremely dynamic and the job industry is changing every day. If there are fields that you would like to explore but aren’t sure if it is a fit for you, Internships are the key to opening a new door. While you learn something new, it also enriches your job profile.

5) Meet new people, your future boss or even a partner to start a company with:

Internships help you network with the experts in the domain. People from different backgrounds come together, you could probably meet someone you are very passionate to work with. To make the best use of an internship, interact with your colleagues and employers.

Internships are like a 100 m race to prepare you for the marathon called a job.

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