Whenever you decide to do this, take a step back. You will find all your answers there. Here is a simple 3-step process that can get you started. Just make sure that you start when you aren’t surrounded or swamped by people or things

1. Why do you want to move into another field?
This is the basic question you have to ask yourself when you decide to switch. This will help you get answers to your other questions as well. Generally, one would want to switch between fields due to the fact that they are actually not interested in it or doing what they are doing doesn’t give them happiness.

2. What do I do now?
This is not difficult. You know what you like, what you are really passionate about and what makes you happy. The first thing that pops in your mind after reading the prior sentence is the answer to the question. Yes, you choose what you like and what you are passionate about. It is okay to realise it late, just do not delay it more.

3. Master it.
Of course, you know about things that excite you. “But are you good enough?”, ask yourself. Now that you know the answer, work on the parts that you are not good at or you need to get better at. Practice is the key to everything. A human brain remembers better when you do something practically.

A very important thing to note is, know which parts in the particular fields are you good at; use them well.

NOTE: You might not be successful in the very first attempt. Do not get disappointed. You might fail a lot. Do not stop, believe in yourself and keep going.