We are living through extraordinary circumstances right now. Every day brings with it, a new feeling, a new set of challenges, an abundant amount of news from all over the world which may or may not be positive. Not many are equipped to handle a situation such as this, with multiple things running on their minds. Concern for the being, the immediate family, the extended circle of friends and family, the neighborhood, and by extension, the country is quite worrisome and overwhelming for starters.

It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when the numbers seem to be on an upward curve with deceptive information circulating all around about how to cure the virus. So what do you do in times like these?

Here are a few tips for you to stay sane and grounded.

1. Stay connected

This isn’t easy but stay connected with your friends & family. Make it a point to talk as frequently as possible, not just with the people in your immediate vicinity but people that you care about. Also, check on the people that you have not heard from, cause these are the people who may be affected more but are not able to express.

2. Express honestly & regularly

It is absolutely okay to be feeling whatever you are feeling right now, but it is unhealthy to not express it. If you are scared or angry or just nervous, just express it, maybe to people that you trust to get the weight off your chest. It truly helps.

3. Moderate your news consumption

This is really important to ensure that you don’t fall prey to unnecessary panic. Trust and follow only reliable news sources. Limit your social media feeds and news consumption. Gather the facts and make sure to fact check those online.  

4. Acknowledge your situation

There are a few things you can control and a few things you cannot. You cannot control other people and their movements but you can control your own. You need to acknowledge what elements are in your control and ensure that you are prepared as much as you can without disrupting the lives of other people. Don’t stockpile or leave your home unnecessarily.

5. Create your own space

Take care of your routine. It doesn’t necessarily need to be highly productive but it needs to be inclusive of actions to help your physical well-being. Do things that you love and re-shape your ambiance if you can, to reflect a more peaceful state of being. Keep yourself active by engaging in diverse activities every day which will stimulate your mind.

In conclusion, yes, this situation is quite overwhelming with a few questions left answered but as long as you do the things mentioned above and hold on to hope, you will come out of this with your soul intact. Keep your confidence that we will get through this but also remember that this is not possible if you don’t play your part. We will be okay, don’t know when but eventually, we will.