Career choices are always hard to make, right? I dig. But in the recent times Digital Marketing has become popular than expected. There is no denial of facts that this field is emerging and will continue to emerge.

So, what’s all the hype about? Let’s get to the factors that makes Digital Marketing stand out of the crowd.

#1. The world is online

With more than 460 million internet users today, India now is the world’s second largest online market and according to the statistics, it will continue to grow up till 653 million by 2021. Talking about the internet users, we all know that the world has gone digital, from buying Apparels to Automobiles, from Food to furniture, Marriage to Medications, anything could be done online. This being said, I personally believe it has also paved the way for Unemployment. Yes, Unemployment! You heard me right.

When the usual human chores have been digitalized there rises a slight chance for machines to replace humans and when this happens it creates a vacuum where the job roles are left empty and almost everything is replaced by machines. For instance, E-commerce. Today, 4 out of 10 people choose to buy what they want online. This in turn will reduce the human effort of both, buyer and the seller. Now, this urges the companies to go digital to find their potential customers online. This is when the Digital Marketer comes into play to take the responsibility to help the company’s product reach its customers.

So, if how to become a certified Digital Marketer a question that’s lingering in your mind. Kudos! You’re at the right place. Unschool offers a wide range of online courses that gives your resume a new outlook, which also comes with Internship opportunities, access to forums and much more.

#2 Skills in demand

There’s again no denials to the fact that almost all businesses, sooner or later, must include digital in their marketing activities. And with the high demand for digital marketers to carry out the process the world is looking out for skilled individuals.

There’s a plenty of room for everyone who practices Digital marketing, provided that the individual is rightly trained to be a professional one. Also, today Digital Marketing is the most Sought-after skill. Getting an online certified course done will get you an extra brownie points and you might also get you a better pay

According to Indeed, the number of job postings for Digital Marketing has doubled over a period of 2 years and certainly shows no sign of slowing down.

#3. Career Growth

Finding the right balance between having fun and sustaining a solid growth in your career is a bit tricky. In the digital world today, Digital marketing is the highest chosen career choices for anyone who finds it hard balance life

As the industry evolves and changes, there’s always something new and interesting to learn which will keep you going and help you attain your goals

You can also start your own venture with the right amount of skills obtained. You might’ve definitely come across bloggers, YouTubers and affiliate marketers, Digital marketing again plays a vital role there as well. After becoming a certified digital marketer you can also optimise your own blogs or channels at a low cost with a total control over your campaigns wherein you can measure and reach your customers at your fingertips.

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The articles was written by the Senior Coach for Digital Marketing at Unschool, Ishan Singh.